Data Centers



Our data centers highlight our dedication to doing things the right way.

They detail how we go above and beyond to ensure that we always meet our SLA and that your online presence is safe with us.

Data Center Locations

North America
Seattle, Washington
New York, New York
Washington D.C.

Resilient Design

Our facilities are built for reliability being N+1 or more throughout with multiple entrance vaults for power and network as well as being out of a flood plain. Our infrastructure including our generators, UPS and cooling system is designed to maximise the uptime of your environment. It’s also built for scalability and is extremely power dense allowing us to go as high as 12KW per rack giving us the ability to build out our infrastructure for our clients without traditional limitations. We utilize some of the latest data center design techniques such as in-row cooling and an overall focus on green design. We have the unique ability to quickly adapt to a clients quickly changing physical growth needs allowing our clients to spend less time waiting for new large deployments and increasing their speed to market

Our Network is Built for Business

Being a carrier neutral facility removes some of the bottlenecks and restrictions you may find with another provider. We currently have a robust 13 carriers on the floor and we leverage the Internap MIRO network optimization technology to ensure the fastest routes to your end users are always utilized. We have dual 10GB optimized links to our top tier carriers.

Carrier List: AT&T, Time Warner, XO Communications, Abovenet, Savvis, Cogent, Qwest, Spectrum Networks, Global Crossing, Sprint, Verizon Business, Verio, Level 3

We retain our theme of resiliency in our network design with extensive interface bonding to multiple physical switching chassis as well as our fully redundant core.

Within our Core, Distribution and Access level switching fabric we utilize technologies such as Access Control Lists (ACL), Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN) and packet filtering/analysis/inspection. Customers are securely segmented from each other with a unique private VLAN.

Below the Access Layer, an additional layer of security services is provided with managed security appliances. All layers of network protection include but are not limited to: DDoS, Anti-Virus, Cross Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection, IPS and IDS.

Secure Virtual Private Networks (VPN) isolate individual customer traffic to encrypt all inbound and outbound management traffic.

We are here for you 24/7/365

Your online presence doesn’t sleep and neither do we. Many of our clients are global businesses and our data centers are staffed to meet the needs of that requirement. Our NOC staff is monitoring your network and server health 24/7365 and our on-site security personnel are always in place ensuring your environment is safe. We also have on-site engineers 24/7/365 to troubleshoot any physical issues or implement physical upgrades any time of day or night.

Physical Security

Your peace of mind is valuable to us and we ensure the security of your data in a wide variety of ways including 24 hour patrolling guards, video surveillance, intrusion detection, two levels of HID proximity card reader access, biometric keypad mantraps with dual authentication access and ballistic rated building access. Our Seattle facility is SSAE 16 SOC 2 certified.

Protecting against disaster

Our site is located away from any floodplains and we have a zoned dry-piped, pre-action fire suppression sprinkler system that can be both manually and automatically triggered. We also have zoned smoke/heat detection and the entire system is remotely monitored. Our facility is built from structural steel with reinforced concrete and has a Zone 3 seismic rating.

Protecting Your Data

Our backup architecture is designed to give you peace of mind.

All of our clients receive data backups every 24 hours with 30 day retention in a format that allows file level restores. We also offer restores for MySQL databases with backups every 4 hours and 30 day retention. We offer plans with geographically diverse offsite SAN data replication ensuring data integrity even in the event of a catastrophic regional disaster.

Privately owned and managed infrastructure

Our core strength is the ownership and management of our infrastructure.

Premised on High Availability and distributed risk models, we have replicated our policies, procedures and practices across all layers of our infrastructure.

A look ahead - technologies for a healthy ecosystem

We understand the importance of being aware of our impact on the planet and it’s resources and we implement a variety of techniques that help reduce our footprint including extensive use of virtualization and dense physical deployments allowing us to to much more with less impact.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our operations and infrastructure in general.


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