Network Redux, Highly Available

In late September, Citrix issued a security bulletin advising their XenServer customers about a recently discovered hypervisor bug which potentially allows a malicious virtual machine guest to crash the host or read data relating to other guests, or the hypervisor itself.

Many cloud hosting providers – including Rackspace, Softlayer, and Amazon Web Services – needed to hastily schedule planned outages in the days that followed this announcement in order to patch the hypervisor and reboot the host.

Talking Information Systems with Cameron Barry of Guardian Real Estate Services

Guardian Real Estate Services is a Portland based firm specializing in real estate management, development and investment services.  We had the opportunity to sit down with Cameron Barry, Manager of Information Systems at Guardian to discuss his background and passion for information systems and software engineering.

Let us begin with your background in information systems.  Tell us a bit about your areas of focus and interest as both a software engineer and manager of information systems.


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