Enterprise Hosting Solutions


Hosting involves housing websites, software or data on servers that can be accessed remotely. Most hosting services are used for websites, but enterprise-class applications are increasingly being hosted as well. Hosted applications can run on dedicated hardware or virtual servers, or on cloud servers – clusters of connected servers that allow for on-demand scalability. 

Our enterprise-grade public cloud allows us to offer high availability virtual servers.  Also known as a failover cluster, a high-availability cluster is a group of servers operating as a single machine, with downtime minimized through redundancy. If a hardware or software component fails, the system automatically restarts the application on another machine, without administrative intervention, providing uninterrupted access to data. Network Redux uses high-availability clusters in all its private cloud and virtual server configurations, ensuring service uptime of 99.99 percent.

In addition to our public cloud we build highly customized private clouds and dedicated non-virtualized solutions for companies that require a high degree of customization, have atypical hardware and software environments, and wish to outsource certain high-level IT functions. Network Redux offers private cloud hosting services that are completely customized to meet the client’s specifications, as well as flexible and highly available enterprise virtual servers for web and application hosting.

Network Redux draws on a decade of web and application hosting experience to help each client determine the optimum balance between performance, reliability and cost when selecting a hosting solution.

All of our offerings are fully managed so you can focus on your content.

  Virtual Servers Private Clouds
System Backups Included info_icon.png Nightly 4 Hour
Uptime Guarantee info_icon.png 99.99% 99.99%+
Dedicated Hardware info_icon.png No Yes
Supported OS info_icon.png Linux Linux / Unix / Windows
24/7/365 Support info_icon.png check.png
Ticket & Telephone Support info_icon.png check.png
Application-Level Support info_icon.png check.png
High Availability info_icon.png check.png
New Relic Standard info_icon.png check.png Included Free!
24/7/365 Monitoring info_icon.png check.png
Clustered info_icon.png check.png
Pre-Configured Stacks info_icon.png check.png
Custom Stack Configurations info_icon.png check.png
System Optimization Assistance info_icon.png check.png
DBA Engineering Support info_icon.png check.png
Application-Level Support info_icon.png check.png
SAN Storage info_icon.png check.png
NoSQL Engineering Support info_icon.png check.png
Internap MIRO Route Optimization info_icon.png check.png
CDN Integration info_icon.png check.png
Data Migrations info_icon.png check.png