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We can build a Private or Hybrid Cloud for you

Network Redux offers private cloud computing options. Our private clouds, or enterprise platforms, are architected to meet the specific needs of our clients. If your company requires a high degree of customization, has atypical hardware and software environments, and wishes to outsource certain high-level IT functions, a private cloud is ideal. We will audit your current technology ecosystem and resource use patterns to identify and implement the architecture that best meets your needs.

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How a private cloud can work for various types of websites:

E-commerce sites are good candidates for private clouds because they need high availability (to prevent customer frustration), instant scalability (to cope with peak demand, such as during the holiday season or popular special promotions) and robust security (to meet the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

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How a cloud works:

At its most basic, cloud computing involves the pooling of shared IT resources in order to then dynamically reallocate those assets based on demand. This on-the-fly redistribution is made possible through virtualization. For example, centralizing the computing resources of a data center’s physical servers and dividing them into multiple virtual servers allows a service provider to offer increased redundancy and instant scalability, as well as improved performance and more efficient load balancing.

Cloud computing requires a front-end platform (a computer, thin client or mobile device), a back-end platform (servers, storage and networking equipment – all of which can be virtualized), and a network to connect the two (usually the Internet).


What is IaaS and how does it relate to Network Redux?


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