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Managed Hosting

Network Redux provides enterprise-class web, application and data hosting services. Our fully-managed hosting enables our clients to focus on their business with peace of mind – knowing that our engineers are keeping their sites running smoothly.

Examples of our managed hosting services

  • web services (Nginx, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • advanced caching services (memcache, varnish, APC)
  • advanced enterprise search (solr, lucene)
  • fine tuning services for available resources
  • high availability services (Pacemaker, DRBD, HaProxy)
  • distributed file systems and big data (Gluster, Hadoop)

Private Cloud

Enterprise Private Cloud Hosting

Whether you’re looking to outsource your IT operations infrastructure, or you’ve outgrown the inherent limitations of the public cloud, Network Redux offers the perfect solution with our managed private cloud hosting.

Private clouds are built on bare-metal servers and dedicated firewalls using clustering and appropriate caching strategies. The result is a cost-effective way to expand your infrastructure with the right capacity and configuration for your needs at a predictable and affordable price.

As your needs change over time and your business grows, we can scale your private cloud environment to grow with you.

Virtual Server


Enterprise Virtual Servers (E-VS)

If your online presence is critical to your business, you want to feel confident that your site will be available all the time. Our Enterprise Virtual Servers are built on a high-availability architecture which employs redundancy in every aspect of the design.

Migration services are included with all our plans. Our engineers will analyze your application architecture and performance requirements to optimize core services. Then, once your code is deployed, we’ll assist your team with implementing caching solutions and optimizing your datatabase schema.

The Network Redux Experience

The Network Redux Experience

One of our key differentiators is the "Redux Experience.” Our dedicated engineers guide customers through the entire lifecycle of their IT hosting infrastructure, from a complimentary audit and related recommendations to implementation and management.

With the Redux Experience, our managed hosting clients benefit from rapid response times and prompt problem resolution, including:

  • hosting architecture design and implementation
  • 24/7/365 engineering and technical support
  • proactive maintenance and related updates
  • security monitoring, management and backups
  • complimentary data migration and no-cost installation
“Since we moved our environment to Network Redux’s enterprise virtual server platform, our website runs lightning fast.”

- Stuart Gaston, ISSP